Morice Baptist Church is a group of people who come together to learn about God and worship Him and also to help and support one another and our community by offering prayer, friendship and a number of activities.

We include people of all ages.
Some have been attending church all or most of their lives, others may have only recently started coming along and had no previous experience of church.
Some have had a close relationship with Jesus for more than half a lifetime already, others come so see what Christianity is about and to consider what to think or believe for themselves. Either way, we all have much to learn (through prayer, through the Bible and through each other).

Everyone is valued, whether a regular member of the congregation or an occasional visitor, whether young or old.

Under Construction

Our website is a bit out of date; it is going to be updated.

In the meantime, if you want to know anything about the church, please call or email.

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